When someone looks at my images , I want two things to happen.

  1. I want my images to evoke a natural feel without being too strong on the eyes of the viewer. 
  2. I want all the images to look consistent. By consistent , I mean the images to  feel similar.

So, I edit my images in vivid colours with reasonable amount of contrast and saturation. 

All the (client delivered) images are individually edited with due care and attention to lighting, colours and skin tones . In case of close up shots and portraits, minor skin touch up and sharpening are done to accentuate the details. his takes considerable amount of time but gives the best quality output to the client. 

While individually editing images, it can often happen that some images might not adhere to 1) above. The entire set of processed images goes  through checks to ensure consistency in editing. Any images which deviate are edited again. 

The following example illlustrates things better. 

before after